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Why Switzerland?
Swiss Economic Political System

Political and economic stability

  • neutral location essential for the functions of Headquarters worldwide

  • unique concentration in the world for pharmaceuticals and life sciences

  • important global headquarters for commodity trading

  • simple business creation, proven company law

  • efficient bureaucratic procedures and low regulatory density

Moderate Swiss Taxation

Moderate taxation

  • competitive tax rates at European level

  • interesting possibilities for tax planning

  • wide range of banking and insurance products

  • favorable loan terms

  • low interest rates

  • high price stability / low long-term inflation

Alptransit Switzerland

Favorable strategic position

  • bordering three of the four main markets (Italy, France, Germany)

  • connecting axis between Northern and Southern Europe

  • strong export orientation, high direct investments abroad

Transport Switzerland

First-rate infrastructure, excellent quality of life, safety

Labor market, import-export, bilateral agreements Switzerland

Flexible, ai-oriented labor market

international markets

Studying in Switzerland, University, Master, College

Excellent educational institutions, leading for innovation

  • efficient network of road, rail and air links

  • widespread and punctual public transport

  • secure supply of energy, water and communication services

  • world-class healthcare system

  • safe cities, intact environment

  • vast cultural, tourist and sports offer

  • liberal labor law, favorable provisions for employers

  • full protection of intellectual property

  • low unemployment, high employment index

  • bilateral trade agreements signed with the major world economic powers

  • first place in 2013 and 2014 in the Global Innovation Index ranking

  • practice-oriented internships, universities and UAS

  • world-class research fields, private schools and internationally renowned colleges

  • close link between research and economic reality, participation in international exchange in the field of research

  • assistance in the implementation of innovative projects and start-ups

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